AREAS Real Estate Team in Action - Building Victoria

It is common sense for most people that the size of their yard will be directly related to where in their city they are located. For example, if you are looking for an acreage, you will most likely be looking a distance away from any urban center.

What about if you are looking for a double car garage? A walk-in closet? An ensuite bathroom? Chances are these attributes will impact WHERE you buy your home.

Home construction has evolved over thousands of years. Values, trends, and even the physical characteristics of people have shaped the way we build the real estate that we live in.

The colonization of Victoria took place over roughly the last 150 years, with very few homes standing today more than 100 years old. Water access, topography, and vegetation were all determining factors in which areas were settled, and in what order. Just as water carves a path of least resistance, so does development. As technology advanced, more land could be claimed and density could increase.

As sewers extended their reach in the 60's and 70's, the strawberry farms of Gordon Head were open to subdivision, and so followed the boom of homogenous bi-level entry 2400 sqft homes. Next came Broadmead, then Sunnymead, and by the mid 90s most of Cordova Bay had been developed.

While every part of the city is constantly evolving with new product entering the market, the year, and therefore the style, character, and features of your home are strongly related to the neighbourhood where you choose to live.

This is a video of AREAS™ in action. By observing the growth of the city, we gain insight into which home features are most common in the different parts of Victoria, BC.

The AREAS Real Estate Team presents the building of Victoria: